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Filmmaking Made Easy

We recommend this workshop to any photographer and aspiring fimlmaker who want to step into the world of motion pictures. Salma is a passionate photographer and a generous instructor.

Using the available light and resources, Salma will guide us through making better frames in motion, building a story, and be off Auto making more dramatic shots, all within a low budget.

Filmmaking Made Easy

8 Sessions (theory, practice and final project)


-Give you an understandng of photography & videography basics.
- The art of photography.
- Learn about White balance.
- Low budget filmmaking.
- The best use of the ambient/natural light to produce remarkable reullts.
- Be off AUTO and take dramatically better photos.
- Build a story.
- Turn a concept into an image /film.
- Video edting.
- Final Project: Make a short, low budget film using motion or stills (your choice) with a concept assigned by the instructor.

- Attendees should have photography basics.

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