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Instructor: Sabry Khaled

It is a hands-on, practical course is for beginners who want take up photography as a profession or amateurs who have a Digital SLR camera but are unsure of how to progress from the automatic mode. You’ll be introduced to the basics of how aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lighting and composition control the creative Process of capturing images.

Basics of Photography (Sheikh Zayed)

Instructor: Aladin Abdel Naby

Photopia Photography school is gladly collaborating with Art Cafe (Galleria 40) to offer all October residents this comprehensive basics of photography Course by the renowned Aladin Abdel Naby. 

This course is designed to introduce the basics of the art of photography to the novice. The course will cover topics such as film vs. digital, shutter speed and aperture, automatic vs. manual control, depth of field, light sources, principles of composition and the basics of image editing using Photoshop. Participants will be given regular assignments through which they will get hands on experience in applying new skill and techniques.

Instructor: Sabry Khaled

In this intense 30 hours course, mastering the language of photography is the main goal, not only technical but mainly intellectually and artistically. Attendees will experience what's it like to use photography as mean of expression, how to use photography as a language that can express themselves when words cannot.

Instructor: Abdalla Sabry

Photopia photography School is hosting this introduction to Studio Lighting workshop with fashion & Beauty photographer Abd-allah Sabry

Whether you shoot portraits, products or fashion, learning lighting is essential. After all photography is light. This 5-day workshop will take your photography skills to the next level. Learn how to read light, know about studio flashes, light modifiers and more. Practical demonstrations allow the students to build the confident needed when using studio lights for any shoot.

Instructor: Saleh Adly

An in-depth introduction to Photoshop and Camera Raw for photographers. You will learn the most commonly used commands and techniques to improve images and also how to utilize some of the more creative effects. This course will be of more benefit to you if you have access to a computer with Photoshop inside and outside of the class in order to practice the skills you will learn

Photography For Kids

Instructor: Mostafa Abdel Aaty

Let your child show you how he/she sees their world. Photography is fun, self-rewarding and accessible to everyone. Children have unique visual awareness and a natural excitement about using photography to capture the world around them.

Instructor: Yehia El Alaily

Food photography have evolved in the last few years and it has become an art in its own. It is not just shooting food in a plate, it has many sides, styling, lighting, skills. In this workshop you are going to enter the world of food photography and how it takes to be a food photographer.

Comprehensive Food Styling workshop

Instructor: Hoda El-Sherif

This 3-day workshop is for aspiring food stylists, recipe developers, food bloggers, chefs and food photographers.


It will cover editorial & commercial food styling techniques for photography and videography purposes. Hoda & her team will cover the whole process from sourcing ingredients till styling with the generous support of two main sponsors: Seoudi Markets and CRAVE Restaurant.

Filmmaking Made Easy

Instructor: Salma ElKashef

We recommend this workshop to any photographer and aspiring fimlmaker who want to step into the world of motion pictures. Salma is a passionate photographer and a generous instructor. 
Using the available light and resources, Salma will guide us through making better frames in motion, building a story, and be off Auto making more dramatic shots, all within a low budget. 

Art Direction & Image-Making in Fashion

Instructor: Kegham Djeghalian

Kegham is back to Photopia for the third year in a row. His past two art direction/fashion styling workshops were a life changing experience for many artists who joined. 

The contemporary fashion industry cannot function without the image, and the process of creating the image which turns commodities into objects of fashion.

Advanced Art Direction & Image-Making in Fashion

Instructor: Kegham Djeghalian

Based on the strategies and basics of art direction and image-making that were addressed in the first workshop, this intensive course is designed to deepen and consolidate the acquired strategies and methodology of art direction in an industry connected and practice-based approach. Concept development and story-telling are key elements for this approach.

Instructor: Toufic Araman

Photopia is excited to bring you Toufic Araman, a top photographer in the region, for the first fashion photography workshop in Egypt. For some time now, photographers have been asking for this workshop. So, Toufic and Photopia are thrilled that he is finally sharing his insights.

Instructor: Abdalla Sabry

This is a full fledged workshop that covers the workflow of a fashion shoot (indoors & outdoors) from brief to execution and post-production. 

Telling Personal Stories with Photography

Instructor: Heba Khalifa

Personal stories are more than just words.. They explore ideas, feelings and experiences on a deeper level. This workshop is for creating a photo-story in an intimate, personal way. to exhibit a new body of work that focuses on personal and emotive storytelling. You need to tell your story and be able to express yourself in photos before telling other people’s stories, in order to evoke emotion, empathy and connect between you and your subject. It will teach you how to tell a story through the lens of your camera. 

Masterclass: Studio Lighting Series

Eight photographers, eight techniques, eight masterclasses.

A masterclass is neither a talk nor a lengthy worshop, it will be a 5- hour hands-on experience of a SINGLE topic that satisfies participating photographers on the theory and the practical level.

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