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Photopia Studio is suitable for every commercial, food, fashion, portrait and family photographer. 

We are located in the heart of Heliopolis on a ground floor for easy access.

Studio Includes

  • A kitchenette (a sink, a boiler, and utensils).

  • bathrooms

  • dressing room.

  • make-up stations.

  • clothes stand. 

Fully-equipped with..

  • 2xProfoto D1 500w 

  • 3x Soft box 60x90 

  • 2x Godox AD600pro 

  • 2x Godox SK400 

  • 2x Visco 300W 

  • 1x Visco 600W 

  • 2x Arri 1000W 

  • 2x Visco Continues Light 

  • 1x General Continues Light 

  • 2x Soft box 60x60 

  • 2x Soft box 70x100 

  • 2x Soft box 80x120 

  • 2x Strip box 35x160 

  • 1x Octa 80cm 

  • 2x Octa 120cm 

  • 1x Deep Parabolic 

  • 1x Octa 120cm 

  • 1x Umbrella Godox 80cm 

  • 2x Umbrella Profoto 80cm 

  • 1x Beauty Dish 70cm 

  • 1x Beauty Dish 40cm 

  • 1x Beauty Dish 50cm 

  • 7x Zoom reflector

  • 3x Big Reflector Dish

  • 1x Snoot

  • 1x Big Reflector 

  • 2x Small Reflector 

  • 5x Color Gels (red, orange, green, blue & purple) 

  • 1x Tripod 

  • 4x Paper backdrops (grey, red, green & beige) 

  • 2x Fabric backdrops (black & white) 

! جدنا علي الفيسبوك

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