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اسبوع الإسكندرية  للصورة هو مهرجان مخصص بالكامل لصناعة الصورة وموجه الى مصوري  الإسكندرية والدلتا تنظمه فوتوبيا وهي مدرسة تصوير مستقله في القاهرة-ويستضيف مجموعة متنوعه من المصورين المحليين والدوليين وصانعي الصور   لمدة ١٠ أيام "من ١ فبراير حتى ١٠ فبراير ٢٠٢٤" في قلب الإسكندرية التاريخية.  يجذب المصورين المصريين والإقليميين في مجتمع التصوير الفوتوغرافي في تجربة تعليمية شاملة يهدف صانعي الصور الناشئين. ويستضيف محاضرين ومدرسين  من المصورين

.المحليين والدوليين وصانعي الصور والسينما في كافة المجالات 

Alexandria Photo Week is the first photography and image-making festival that is entirely dedicated to local talents in Alexandria and Delta. The week is organized by Photopia, an independent photography school in Cairo, and hosts a diverse group of local and international photographers and image makers for 10 days “from February 1st to February 10th, 2024” in the heart of historic Alexandria. It engages Egyptian and regional photographers in the photography community in a comprehensive educational experience aimed at budding image makers. It hosts lecturers and teachers from local and international photographers, image makers, and filmmakers in all fields.


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After the success and impact of the three editions of Cairo Photo Week and El Gouna Photo Week, Photopia moved to Alexandria with Alexandria Photo Week in support of the US Embassy in Cairo targeting photographers and image-makers from Alexandria and Delta. 


Alexandria Photo Week took place from 1 to 10 February, 2024. The venues are: 

  1. Jesuit Cultural Centre.

  2. B’sarya for Arts.

  3. IFE á Alexandrie.

  4. 6 Bab Sharq.

  5. Amideast. 

  6. Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria (newly opened). 

  7. Anna Lindh Foundation.

It had a diverse array of photography workshops, exhibitions, public talks, panel discussions, portfolio reviews, photo walks and networking meet-ups.

All stage activities were held on two consecutive weekends, covering different topics and genres including: documentary, commercial, architecture, food, fashion, cinematography and more. Free public Access to all stage-based events. 


  • 10 Days

  • 400 Hours

  • 7 Venues

  • 7 Exhibitions

  • 70+ Exhibitors 

  • 12K+ Exhibitions Visitors

  • 20 Local & International Partners 

  • 1.5K+ Education Attendees

  • 40 Talks & Panel Discussions

  • 50+ Keynote Speakers & Instructors


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