Photopia is a photography schoolstudio, a store & gift shop,  gallery & co-working space, Photobook Egypt curator & publisher and lately the founder and brand owner of Cairo Photo Week. 

Photopia is a full-fledged photography school in Cairo that offers a wide range of photography education through courses, workshops, talks, and master classes. Photopia is a genuine hub for photographers that offers technical and artistic advice to any photography enthusiast whether being a pro or an amateur. 

We will continue to support and nourish all photographers in the region through more international collaborations such as with Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai and the Photographers’ Gallery in London.


Photobook Egypt is a powerful series of photography books; each dedicated to a theme or a project photographed and narrated by remarkable Egyptian and regional photographers (whether emerging or established) and curated and published by Photopia Cairo.


Our aim is to offer a non-digital platform to document extraordinary photography work and make it accessible and affordable to photography enthusiasts & collectors. It is an ongoing project of enjoyable and visually rich photography that proudly represents Egypt's and the region's prominent photographers. Collecting them would be like owning a small part of Egypt on your bookshelf.




Co-founder and Managing Partner 



.Marwa was graduated from Ain Shams University Commerce - English Section in 1999. She has been a photography enthusiast ever since. After quitting her banking career in 2011, she got together with a friend, Karim El Khadem and both founded Photopia in May 2012 for the sake of offering amateurs and pros an ongoing platform for photographers to meet up, learn, interact and get more exposure to opportunities  & to bridge with more established ones.


She is passionate about photographers in general and highly believes in the Egyptian photographers in specific. She believes that all they need is to bridge with role models & success stories in order to get inspired and they will do miracles. Photopia was founded on that exact foundation: to help photographers become more skilled ones. The photography school collaborates with Egypt’s and the region’s top photographers to deliver quality and valuable photography education.




A banker. who loves the outdoors & nature: the desert, the mountains the forests & the sea.   

I started taking pictures because I wanted to document what I see, as not to forget. Sparking an interest in photography, which grew over the years and invested in bigger and better equipment, and educated myself on different techniques to achieve the picture frame I see in my mind.


Marwa came to me with her idea of Photopia and I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it so I encouraged her to take the leap.


One day I will follow through and take the same leap and leave the corporate world. It just haven’t happened, but I know this day is going to come.


انا مصور ناشيونال جيوغرافيك - الحلقة الثانية

I’m a Nat Geo photographer: Episode 2

انا مصور ناشيونال جيوغرافيك - الحلقة الرابعة و الاخيرة

I’m a Nat Geo photographer: Episode 4 (Final Episode)

انا مصور ناشيونال جيوغرافيك - الحلقة الاولي

I’m a Nat Geo photographer: Episode 1

انا مصور ناشيونال جيوغرافيك - الحلقة الثالثة

I’m a Nat Geo photographer: Episode 3






To enroll or for any general information, please contact us:

Telephone: +2 012 113 389 91 - +02 22 9040 85  Email:

Address: 22 Cleopatra St., El Korba, Heliopolis. Cairo, Egypt


Mondays to Saturdays from 12pm till 9pm 

Fridays from 2pm till 9pm

Sundays Off  

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