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Photography For a Cause

Lending a helping hand to the community through Photography

Help Portraits Event

Help Portrait is a nationwide movement of photographers, make-up artists, and other volunteers coming together to use their skills to give back to their communities.. Photopia participated in this movement in 2015!

Refugees in Egypt by Reem Akl

Refugees in Egypt is an on-going photo-documentary initiative that started out as Reem's bachelor project about African refugees integration in Egypt, and after being done with it, She realized that the entire social issue and topic is too important for her to be done with and move on to a new one. A year later, Reem decided to continue working on her project by documenting the lives of African refugees’ in Egypt, and hopefully soon enough she’ll be able to offer them what they fight for, and turn this project to something more than just a photo-documentary. Total of talk fees was channeled to the refugee community in Egypt; Manahel (a disabled child) as part of the cost for the wheelchair she needed.

Help Portraits - Port Said

Help-Portraits also went to a Portsaid Orphanage with Rotary PortSaid where photographer Hassan ElSayad took pictures of the children, men and women. Photopia facilitated printing the pictures and giving them back to the orphanage.

Photographer: Hassan El Sayad

Yosra El-Essawy Program

A tribute to the iconic late photographer Yosra El-Essawy, known for being Beyoncé's tour photographer, through teaching underprivileged kids photography to make a living out of it in her name, and the Cameras were provided as a donation.

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