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Marketing Plan

Beginner photographers who aspire to turn their hobby into a profession often face the challenge of creating a place for themselves in the dynamic and ever evolving world of professional photography. However, the fact is, photographers can apply the basis of marketing management to plan their photography career in a way that will provide them with competitive advantage. In this workshop photographers will gain insightful details about how to get started in the professional photography world and learn how to devise a personal marketing plan for themselves to become more competitively advantaged than their fellow photographers 


1. Develop a unique vision for their photography career 
2. Analyse the current photography market situation and determine their opportunities and challenges 
3. Determine their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. 
4. Set their photography career goals and objectives 
5. Determine their photography career strategies 
6. Set their photography action plan 
7. Measure their performance 
8. Put all of the above in a Photographer's Marketing Plan 



Dr. Nader Elhareedi is the professor of marketing management, advertising and promotion, and consumer behavior. He is also a professional photographer, video producer, and a partner at Leap Media advertising agency with a consumer list that includes many reputable local and international brands. He writes and shoots for many publications, he is a photography instructor, and he's been a member of judging committees in many photography competitions.

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