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Photobook Egypt is a powerful series of photography books; each dedicated to a theme or a project photographed and narrated by remarkable Egyptian and regional photographers (whether emerging or established) and curated and published by Photopia Cairo. Our dream is to offer a non-digital platform to document extraordinary photography work and make it accessible and affordable to photography enthusiasts & collectors. It is an ongoing project of enjoyable and visually rich photography that proudly represents Egypt's and the region's prominent photographers. Collecting them would be like owning a small part of Egypt on your bookshelf..


The photobook culture in Egypt is an underrated. In light of the powerful photography work coming out of Egypt and the region, Photopia team considered curating and publishing such work and offer it to photography enthusiasts in Egypt & the world.


Nine photographers, nine beautiful stories published by Photobook Egypt.


فوتوبوك إيجيبت هي سلسلة من الكتب المصورةّ المؤثرة، كل منها تختص بمشروع أو موضوع وثائقي معين من تصوير مصور متميز سواءً كان محترف أو ناشئ. هدفنا هو توثيق تلك القصص و نشرها على منصة غير رقمية و إتاحتها لكل المهتمين بالتصوير الفوتوجرافي في مصر و خارجها. إنها سلسلة كتب مصورة رائعة و تعكس قوة مصوري المنطقة و قدرتهم على سرد الوقائع و الآمال من خلال عدستهم. إقتناءها .يعد إقتناء قطعة من مصر في مكتبتك


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! جدنا على إنستاجرام


First Published December 2016


Mahmoud Khaled

Photographer of "Stations"

He was born in 1988. He started learning photography in April 2010 and has since worked for various Egyptian newspapers. He also worked as a stringer for Agence France-Presse. His main focus is news and street photography.
Mahmoud's work has earned him many several national & international awards, including the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, National Geographic Magazine (Egypt) 2012 on Egyptian Revolution Award and Sharjah Prize for Photography Press Photo Department.

Hadeer Mahmoud

Photographer of "Metro"

She is a 25 - year-old  photojournalist and documentary photographer. She joined "El-Tahrir" newspaper in June 2011 as a professional photographer. In March 2013 she has joined  "El-Watan" newspaper. During these years she has covered many important events that Egypt has been through since Jan 25 revolution. Hadeer turned into an iconic mobile photographer documenting her daily journeys inside Cairo. She is also a contributor to @everydayegypt.

Karim El Hayawan

Photographer of "Forgotten Rooms"

Born and raised in Cairo, Karim is a street photographer and interior architect. After learning the technical fundamentals from a longtime Reuters hand, Alaa Abdel Naby, Karim found his passion in street photography. Cairo wanderings are his prime visual interest and vocabulary, exploring the city's busy multi-layered cultural skin from its recognized gems to its abandoned architectural marvels, recording people who 

represent the genuine essence of what the city has to offer. 

Karim's photos were exhibited at "The Grid Cape Town Biennial in South Africa", - Off Biennale Cairo "Something Else" - The Benchmark forum in GUST Kuwait, Al-Ahram's Salon for Fine Arts and Darb1718 in Cairo as well as CNN's connect the world and 

various local and international publications. 

Karim is also the Co-Founder and Principle Interior Architect of Design Point Studio based in Cairo. Specialized in high-end residential, retail and resort projects with a range of 40 projects to date, including 7 hotels in the resort area of Sharm El Sheikh - Red Sea. Design Point Studio has a permanent team of professionals consisting of 15 architects and designers collaborating with teams all over the world.