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Fashion Photography by Araman Studio

 The workshop is an in-depth introduction to fashion photography, aimed at helping you understand what goes into the making of a top international level fashion shoot.

Working with a professional team, you will learn about the ingredients that go into producing and executing such a shoot: from concept creation to choosing, recruiting and directing talent; from light shaping tools to reviewing work by world-class photographers.

In addition, you will be getting the scoop on the business side of the industry; especially invaluable are the insights on the local Middle East markets. Araman will also discuss his personal experience and his business model.

Fashion Photography by Araman Studio

Content description (2 days - 18 hours).

1- Day one: Friday 26 February from 9.30 AM till 5PM:

Day one will be conceptual; Araman will share his knowledge on the fashion photography industry and his approach to tackling assignments from concept to production to shooting.

We will discuss different styles of fashion photography, top fashion portfolios; techniques review and what is “IN” and “NOW” globally.

Araman will be sharing a variety of his lighting techniques and tricks from specific shoots in his portfolio. We will go through conceptual use of light that will leave you able to think and see about light.

We will wrap the day with a group portfolio critique.

2- Day two: Saturday 27 February from 9.30AM till 6PM:

"Practical practice"

Day two, Araman will be putting it all into practice at a fully equipped venue where he will use different lighting set-ups. Toufic will bring a full international team (a model, make-up/hair artist and a fashion stylist).

You will watch Araman direct the shoot; then you will get the chance to shoot with his guidance and on the spot critique by his team.
End of the second day: Informal outing with Toufic Araman and his team for dinner where the conversation extends and networking begins with like minded creative people.

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