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Comprehensive Studio Lighting

Photopia photography School is hosting this introduction to Studio Lighting workshop with fashion & Beauty photographer Abd-allah Sabry.
Whether you shoot portraits, products or fashion, learning lighting is essential. After all photography is light. This 5-day workshop will take your photography skills to the next level. Learn how to read light, know about studio flashes, light modifiers and more. Practical demonstrations allow the students to build the confident needed when using studio lights for any shoot.

Comprehensive Studio Lighting


This is a rich 5-days workshop for start-ups:

Day 1 (Theoretical, 4 hours):
• -Quick recap on how the Camera works.
• -Exposure Variables
• -Introduction to Studio Environment
• -Qualities of light

Day 2 (Practical , Theoretical, 4 hours):
• -Setting up Studio
• -Light shaping modifiers
• -Gear and how it works
• -Lighting Patterns
• -Light setups using one/multi light/s
• -Low key vs. High key

Day 3 ( Practical , 7 hours )
Team project (with a professional model)
• -practical demonstration
• -Creative lighting techniques
• -Contrast and separation
• -Portraits in Classical setups
• -Low key vs. High key Product shots

Day 4 (Practical , 7 hours)
• -Project/Assignment for the students.

Day 5 (Theoretical, 4 hours)
• -Project Evaluation
• -Critique Session
• -How to read light
• -Setting up your own studio
• -What to buy/where to buy
• -How to develop your Portfolio

This workshop is for confident beginners.

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