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Comprehensive Food Styling by Hoda El Sherif

Comprehensive Food Styling workshop
This 3-day workshop is for aspiring food stylists, recipe developers, food bloggers, chefs and food photographers.

It will cover editorial & commercial food styling techniques for photography and videography purposes. Hoda & her team will cover the whole process from sourcing ingredients till styling with the generous support of two main sponsors: Seoudi Markets and CRAVE Restaurant.

Comprehensive Food Styling by Hoda El Sherif


Day One (at Flavor Republic Studio) -Theoretical:
Throughout the first day of the workshop, participants will discover the history of food styling and learn all about referencing, mood board creation and propping. A guest speaker from a Cairo-based digital agency will give the participants their first creative brief!

Day Two (at Flavor Republic Studio) -Editorial Food Styling:
On the second day, participants will go on a shopping spree! They will purchase all the ingredients they will need from Cairo's top supermarket. Participants will focus on editorial photography as well as recipe videography, in an interactive and hands on session. A guest Chef speaker will give the participants some tips and tricks too.

Day Three (at a Restaurant then at Flavor
Republic studio)
-Commercial Food Styling:
Participants will step out of the studio and into the kitchen! They will spend half the day at one of Cairo's top restaurants, Crave, where the workshop will take place inside the kitchen for a real-life feel, and participants will learn all about commercial styling and photography, including how to create an appetizing consumption shot.

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