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Complete Guide to Fashion Photography

This is a full fledged workshop that covers the workflow of a fashion shoot (indoors & outdoors) from brief to execution and post-production.

Complete Guide to Fashion Photography


A) Theory:
Photography history.
What makes fashion photography one of the most popular genres?
Fashion photography beginnings.
Icons and milestones in the fashion photography history.
Steps to a fashion photography career.
Challenges you are going to face.
Workflow. (dealing with clients- brainstorming- budgets- preparation- photoshoot- post production- delivering).
How to work with ( models- stylists- makeup artists)
Common mistakes.

B) Photography :
Focal aperture
Shutter speed
Compositions and white balance.

C) Lighting :
-Understanding light sources.
-Popular lighting patterns.
-How to setup a studio.
-Creative lighting ideas and setups.
-Post-production / retouching:
What softwares to use. (Lightroom- Photoshop)
Creative methods
Fashion retouching / Beauty retouching.
Handling the data.
Professional and safe steps.
Exporting and backups.

D) Practical demonstration
Outdoor shooting.
Indoor/ studio shooting.
Attendance outcome & results critic.

Level: Confident beginners/Intermediate/ must be familiar with controlling the light generally.

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