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Advanced Art Direction & Image-Making in Fashion

Based on the strategies and basics of art direction and image-making that were addressed in the first workshop, this intensive course is designed to deepen and consolidate the acquired strategies and methodology of art direction in an industry connected and practice-based approach. Concept development and story-telling are key elements for this approach.

Advanced Art Direction & Image-Making in Fashion

This workshop is offered for participants who had attended the first workshop with Kegham Djeghalian and/or advanced fashion image-makingprofessionals (photographers, stylists, art directors …).

This workshop is designed around TWO MAJOR PRACTICAL SHOOTS that will be done in collaboration with a leading fashion designer(s) and/or a key retail fashion boutique in Cairo.

The first project will be an EDITORIAL STORY briefed for a specific magazine where we will first analyse the codes and aesthetics of this magazine in order to adapt the shoot to the magazine direction and theme.

The second project will be a CAMPAIGN SHOOT for a specific collection of a brand briefed directly by the designer or manager of this brand. It could be for a print campaign, social media campaign or video campaign.

This project will start by analyzing the DNA and identity of the brand applying the Flock and Ricoeur analysis model in order to be able to pitch a direction for the shoot and execute it while being loyal to the codes and the brief of the brand. Thus, we will revisit in depth the Identity & Branding strategies.

Through the entire period of the course there will be theoretical lectures and presentations that would support the projects. They will address some topics such as:

-Pioneer art directors
-Contemporary stylists and their practices
-The stylistic difference between Campaign / LookBook / Editorial shoots
-Introduction to the contemporary fashion magazine culture and the anatomy of a fashion magazine
-Contemporary fashion photographers and new directions in fashion photography
-Genres of Editorials
-Graphics for fashion image-making and editorial
There will be elaborate collective critique sessions, individual critiques and a final presentation to the brand with direct feedback

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