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A Journey Into The Light: Portraiture workshop

 a comprehensive portraiture workshop addressing early and mid-career photographers aiming at enhancing their natural and strobes light portraiture skills with the great London-based Egyptian talent Rami Bittar... We can't be more excited actually!

Rami is an Egyptian based in London so he will deliver his experience where he works being aware of the Egyptian market needs.

We recommend it to those who want to focus on portraiture photography whether in the context of fashion, beauty, corporate, family or other. It focused is on commercial purposes but amateurs are also welcome.

This workshop introduces a range of techniques including studio and street-style portraiture. Through studio and location shoots, you will begin to understand the creative approaches necessary for taking great portraits and learning how to read the light in a portrait. You will learn how to direct and photograph your model, while exploring portrait composition, posing techniques and lighting set-ups. The workshop will be taught in a “hands on” manner, in which the photographers and models will both be participating. The aim of this workshop is to understand the full potential of both your camera and gear, and their use in capturing perfect portrait.

A Journey Into The Light: Portraiture workshop

- Highlight on portrait in Renaissance Art Era.
- Understanding how light behaves.
- Understanding your Camera and exposure settings.
- Chasing natural light.
- Tips for natural light portraits.
- Combining natural & artificial light.
- Rules of portrait composition.
- Types of studio light setup (Split light-Rembrandt light-Butterfly light-Key Light-Fill light-Kicker light)
- Light reflectors in natural & artificial light.
- Difference between Studio light modifiers.
- The best focal length and aperture in both natural and artificial light.
- Post production / retouching with Photoshop & Lightroom workflow.

- You will gain experience in directing your model/portrait subject.
- Critical positioning of lighting, and use of portrait studio equipment and techniques.
- Learn how to ‘read’ the light, beak it down and control it.
- Understand the difference between each type of light modifier, and the correct usage of a light reflector.
- Understand the best focal length to shoot a portrait.
- Learn to direct your model’s pose for pleasing results.
- Create portraits using natural light and artificial light both indoor and outdoor.

We’re going to tackle each point mentioned above, with the goal of helping you discover your personal style in portraiture, in addition to some tips n tricks on how to develop and work on them.

- Laptop, Photoshop & Lightroom.
- DSLR Camera + Lens

Intermediate / Advanced (Photography & Post-production)

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