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Wedding Art Photography Workshop

The dreamy Sergey Ivanov comes to Photopia and we believe that not only wedding photographers should attend this as his post processing skills are unmatchable and is very interesting for portrait, advertising, fashion, or fine art photographers as well. 

Purpose of the workshop: 
Developing photographers' creativity, applying new technologies in working with the image, & creating exclusive beautiful art shots.

Who should attend? 
Workshop is designed for photographers of all levels and of different fields of photography.

During the workshop you will see all stages of creating a picture:
1- photo shoot with no editing, 
2- photo shoot with light retouching in RAW converter, 
3- photo shoot with art retouch using Photoshop.

Duration: The workshop is over 3 days. 


Day 1: Theory (Lecture time 11:00 - 17:00)
-My wedding photographer philosophy.
-Demonstration of my work.
-Main ideas of my work. 
- Psychology of understanding a picture.
Volume, shadow and light.
Contrast, Light, color, shape, dynamics. 
Linear and air perspective
-Advice on how to earn much doing photography.

Day 2: Theory and practice of shooting process. (Lecture time 11:00 – 18:00) (Including a couple for modeling) 
-Choosing the best locations for the photoshoot in your town. Criterias of choosing the location. 
-Using additional accessories to create deeper impression.
-Posing of the bride and a groom.
-Work with the light: Author created light plans for any conditions. Flash lights( with umbrella, softbox, etc.) Video light & mixed light.
-Natural lighting – looking for places with better light. Work with the sun and the reflector. Perfect natural lighting.
-Author created special effects.
-Working with the guests.
-Shooting for the wedding book. Details, issues.
-Textures of the surrounding.
-Night photoshoot with the flash light.
-Photoshoot of participants under Sergej's instructions.

Day 3: Theory and practice of post-processing images. (Lecture time 11:00 - 19:00)

-My post process philosophy.
-Post-processing using RAW converter, Photoshop CC, additional plug-ins.
-Processing of the pictures taken during the work shop.
-Author created orginal post-process, retouch technique: accents, Light effects, textures, flying objects, etc. 

Gear needed
A wide angle lens(14-28mm) and portrait lens( 70-135mm), A flash light with TTL synchronizer.

You should better have a notebook, or a laptop to write some hints down.



He is a member of association of art photographers of Ukraine and Russia & a member of ukrainian wedding photography association. He has already offered 150 workshops in 33 counties for 3,000 participants and Egypt is his next destination. 

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