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The 25 Photographers & Cinematographers Who Boosted Our Online Experience in 2020!

Photopia Photography School takes pride in curating and hosting an exceptional online educational content for our audience during the quarantine. Meet the 25 generous speakers who gave free photography and cinematography education throughout the quarantine on Photopia's online platforms. We can not thank you enough.

Below is the full list of the workshops, talks, and conversations with our iconic instructors (click on the instructor's name to reach his/her profile and click on the topic to watch the whole event for FREE).


Amani Ismail - Newborn Photography

Yehia El-alaily - Food Photography - One light source Ahmad Ehab - Architecture & Furniture Photography

Omar Ehab - Advertising Photography Workflow

Louay Nasser - Fashion Photography Waleed Shah - Basic Portrait Lighting

Talks Shank - Filmmaking in Advertising

Islam Abdelsamie - Cinematography: Exporting your Vision on Screen Karim Hayawan - The Photographer without a Camera

Kegham Djeghalian - The Photographer without a Camera

Ingy Yousri Ismail - Impact of COVID-19 on Fashion Industry

Ämr Ezzeldinn - Fashion Photography


Batool Al Daawi - Advertising Photography Maggie Steber - Visual Storytelling Hoda El Sherif - Food Styling Søren Pagter - Visual Storytelling Sherif Tamim El Naggar - Food Photography

Mosa'ab Elshamy - Documentary Photography

Mazen El Motagawel - Cinematography

Laura Boushnak - 5 Steps to Build a Career in Photography: Documentary Photography Nelly El Sharkawy - Conceptual Photography Rania Matar - Fine Art & Documentary Shawkan - Photojournalism and Documentary

Amina Zaher - Fashion Photography Mostafa Darwish - Freelancing in the Middle East (Documentary Videography)

Photopia is a leading photography school in Egypt and the region that always seeks to introduce the best education to the photographic community and to bridge young talents with the more established ones.

Anyone can still watch their rich educational content in below links: Photopia's YouTube channel Photopia's IGTV


MORE about our main partner SONY WORKSHOPS here:


Abdel Rahman Koree

Remon El Markiz

Abdalla Sabry


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