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2020: A Year of New Opportunities & Great New Talents

A tough year! Also it was tough on Photopia and its team too. But we created some new opportunities out of the rough days to make the photography education available virtually while hosting many rising talents in our studio in-person (keeping the social distancing).


Photopia Photography School offered a hybrid of online and in-person education. And many thanks to the 24 generous speakers who gave free photography and cinematography education throughout the quarantine on Photopia's online platforms. We can not thank you enough.

Ahmad Ehab @white_studios_

Amani Ismail

Amina Zaher @aminazaher

Ämr Ezzeldinn @aezzeldinn

Batool Al Daawi @batoolaldaawi

Hoda El Sherif @hoda_el_sherif

Ingy Yousri Ismail @ingyism @flairmagazineeg

Islam Abdelsamie @abdelsamie

Karim Hayawan @karimelhayawan

Kegham Djeghalian @keghamdjeghalian

Laura Boushnak @lauraboushnak

Louay Nasser @louay_nasser

Maggie Steber @maggiesteber

Mahmoud Shawkan @shawkanmaz

Mazen El Motagawel @mazenelmotagawel

Mosa'ab Elshamy @mosaabelshamy

Mostafa Darwish @el.darwish

Nelly El Sharkawy @nellyelsharkawy

Omar Ehab @omarehabphotography

Rania Matar @raniamatar

Sherif Tamim El Naggar @sherif_tamim

Søren Pagter @sorenpagter

Waleed Shah @waleedshah

Yehia El-alaily @yehiaelalaily

Anyone can still watch their rich content on our Youtube Channel and IGTV

You can also watch a great series of talks and workshops on SONY ALPHA PLATFORM:

Our documentary photography program with DMJX is finally concluded with very powerful projects:

We also hosted an Instagram Takeover by many amazingly talented Egyptian Photographers on our Instagram.



Thank you Egyptian fashion designers, photographers, stylists and all ;)

The local fashion brands were a whole new discovery for us in 2020. This tough year revealed young fighters in the fashion industry in Egypt....all homegrown brands whom we witnessed (from inside our studio) grow over the past few months were brilliantly able to sustain through selling their products online. We are so proud to host them at our studio. Your passion for your brands made Photopia survive this year. Thank you talented designers!

@rebelcairo @yousabry @jaydahany @yawzaofficial @the__kut @aliel_official @getpalma @magma.sportswear @dresscodme @weavinggraceegypt @cropped_eg @cordovaneg @ravinjeans @thecurlystudio @avalanchefashion @layalicairo



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