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Photoshop for Photographers

This course teaches you how to retouch your photos and to compose file. It gives an in-depth introduction to Photoshop for photographers and how you can use the Raw file to get the highest quality for the image.

You will learn the most commonly used commands and techniques to improve images and also how to utilize some of the more creative effects. This course will be of more benefit to you if you have access to a computer with Photoshop inside and outside of the class in order to practice the skills you will learn.

5 Sessions / 4 hours each (20hours)

Saturday from 5:00PM to 9:00PM


-Working with Images Resolution & Size
- Introduction About Photoshop 
- The Workspace.
- Open file and Saving Images and File Formats. 
- Learn which format is best for saving your photos: JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, .. etc
-Understand which format is best for what and explain why. Also, understanding [JPG] compression and how to achieve the best quality of it.
- Why should you care about understanding DPI & Resolution? Because if you are going to print something (particularly of quality), knowing a few basics will save you a lot of time and give you the best results. Resolution, Image Size and Printing.
- Transform Image size, Canvas size, Color setting and assign profile. 
- Transform.
- Selecting Part of an Image for local Adjustment.
- Selections tools.
- Tools (Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Blur, Sharpen and History Brushes).
- Load Brushes to Photoshop.
- Healing Brush and Patch and Clone.
- History.
- Color Replacement 
- Content aware Fill, Move & Expand.
- The Marquee Tools (Selection)
- Assessment.
-Introduction to Layers Masks & Smart Object
- What is a Layer?
- Layers Panel.
- Layer Filter.
- Opacity.
- Blend Modes.
- Layer Effects (Styles).
- Layer Groups.
-Basics of Raw Adjustments.
-Show we can use the Raw file to get the highest quality for the image. 
- HDR - Sharpness.
- Reduce Noise.
– Adjustment Layers
- Curves & Levels & Brightness & Contrast & Vibrance & Exposure & Color Balance & Hue&Saturation & Selective Color & Channel Mixer & Color Lookup & Gradient Map
– Blending Options & Filters

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