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Macro Photography Workshop

Macro photography by one of the best in the field: Wael El Deeb. He is exceptional portfolio and his passion to teach others are unmatchable. 

Did you know that there are 10 different ways to shoot macro? Lets know more about: Macro lighting & Macro retouching. 

Course Contents:
- What is Macro and why?
- Macro lighting 
- Macro retouching
Why learn Macro? Macro photography helps in the commercial field and the artistic ones. Nature, insects, jewelry, watches, etc... Whether you learn it for the fun of it or to make a living, it's so essential. 

Workshop Prerequisites:
- Basic photography knowledge (aperture, shutter, ISO)
- Basic lighting knowledge 


Day 1 (2 Hours)

  • What is Macro? What are the subjects? And why Macro?

  • Macro Vs. close-up Vs. Micro

  • Different ways to shoot Macro part1 (Gear and techniques).


Day 2 (2 Hours)

  • Different ways to shoot Macro part2 

  • (Gear and techniques).

  • Magnification, and how to calculate it. 

  • Where to shoot macro?

Day 3 - Indoor Workshop (2 Hours)

  • ​Requirements: Must have: an idea, a subject to shoot and a background, DSLR + one normal lens (NOT macro Lens) preferably in the range 18-70mm

  • Plus: fixed lenses in the range 18-70mm or any other range, speed lights, close-up filters, reverse rings, extension tubes, macro bellows


Day 4 (2 Hours)

  • Lighting Macro photos

  • Retouching Macro photos


Day 5 (Outdoor Workshop - Open)




Amateur photographer from Egypt, enjoying photography since 2009


Links to his work:

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