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Fashion Photography Workshop

This is a full fledged workshop that covers the workflow of a fashion shoot (indoors & outdoors) from brief to execution and post-production. 


A) Theory: 

  1. Introduction.

  2. Photography history.

  3. What makes fashion photography one of the most popular genres?

  4. Fashion photography beginnings.

  5. Icons and milestones in the fashion photography history.

  6. Steps to a fashion photography career.

  7. Challenges you are going to face.

  8. Workflow. (dealing with clients- brainstorming- budgets- preparation- photoshoot- post production- delivering).

  9. How to work with ( models- stylists- makeup artists)

  10. Common mistakes.


B) Photography :

  1. Focal aperture

  2. Shutter speed

  3. ISO

  4. Compositions and white balance.

C) Lighting :

  1. -Understanding light sources.

  2. -Popular lighting patterns.

  3. -How to setup a studio.

  4. -Creative lighting ideas and setups.

  5. -Post-production / retouching:

  • What softwares to use. (Lightroom- Photoshop) 

  • Creative methods

  • Fashion retouching / Beauty retouching. 

  • Handling the data.

  • Professional and safe steps.

  • Exporting and backups.

D) Practical demonstration

  • Outdoor shooting.

  • Indoor/ studio shooting.

  • Attendance outcome & results critic. 


Level: Confident beginners/Intermediate/ must be familiar with controlling the light generally. 


Abdallah Sabry, Born and raised in Alexandria, this leading fashion photographer has succeeded at encompassing the market with his international vision and expertise.The former head of photography in the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) in luxor, holds an Art Education degree and specialization in photography. In 2015, his passion for fashion photography led him to come back to Cairo and become the mastermind behind BLACK STUDIO. His vast portfolio includes all genres of photography and clienteles like City Stars, Norine Farah,Versace Jeans, Mobaco Cottons and celebrities like Sharmoofers, Cairokee, Ahmed Fishawy and Dhafer LAbidine. 

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