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Basic Photography is a hands-on, practical course is for beginners who want take up photography as a profession or amateurs who have a Digital SLR camera but are unsure of how to progress from the automatic mode. You’ll be introduced to the basics of how aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lighting and composition control the creative Process of capturing images.

Course Duration: 9 Sessions / 3 weeks / 20 hours (6 indoors + 3 Fieldtrips + personal project)

4 Sessions per week

Mondays & Wednesdays from 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Fridays & Saturdays from 2:00PM to 5:00PM

(unless field trips will be decided with instructor.)


Lesson 1

• Course Overview.

• Basic Functions of a Camera.

• Introduction to the Anatomy of the Camera. 

• Evolution of Photography, How it works.


Lesson 2

• Intro to Exposure Tringle.

• Shutter Speed.

• Aperture / F Stop.

• ISO Lesson.


Lesson 3

• Depth of Field.

• Light Metering Modes and How to use them Effectively.

• Exposure compensation.

• White Balance.

• RAW vs. JPGs


Lesson 4

• Composition.

• How to achieve a well-balanced photograph.

• Perspective, Angles and lenses.

• Rules (and when to break them).


Lesson 5

• Field trip + Research assignment.


Lesson 6 & 7

• Workshop (field trip 2 hours).


Lesson 8

• How to Select Pictures?

• Project discussion.


- A week Break to finish assignment.


Lesson 9

• Project submission and final evaluation.


Having a DSLR is a must / Certificates & materials included.



Sabry Khaled is documentary photographer and filmmaker basedin Cairo, Egypt. covering daily news stories, social issues, as well as long term in-depth self-driven documentary projects, which are usually described as emotional, intimate and humane.


Khaled Studied dentistry and has a master's degree in facial

surgery before shifting his career towards journalism almost 10 years ago.


Khaled covered the Egyptian uprising with many media outlets

such as Al-Jazeera, BBC world and RT, along with Al-Shrouk newspaper as a Photographer and sometimes translator and fixer.


Khaled has the experience working in hostile environments,

which he gained during the extensive coverage of the Egyptian revolution and the events that followed, In 2013 he was trained for working in conflict during a course for photojournalists by TYR solutions.


Since the outbreak of the Egyptian uprising Khaled contributed regularly with many major news wires like The AP and Anadolu Agency which helped to expose his work to many publications such as TIME, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN.


His photography has been exhibited in Egypt, Germany and Finland. Currently he is teaching Photojournalism at the faculty of Mass media and communication at the British University in Egypt. Khaled also is a photography and photojournalism trainer, working independently and in cooperation with many NGOs.


Links to his work:


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