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Lightroom Crash Course

10-hour Ligthroom crash course by photographer/retoucher Rami El Shakry. This two-day crash course will offer you a quick solution to your Lightroom challenges. It is perfect for photographers who don't have plenty of time to spend on a long course. 

Rami's vast experience as a commercial photographer will offer you short cuts to Lightroom. He will give you what is needed to learn whether you are a commercial photographer or an amatuer. 



1- Why Lightroom: 
How Lightroom Works: The Catalog
The Lightroom Workflow
Organizing and Backing Up Your Images

2- The Library Module:
Identity Plate Setup.
Creating a Catalog.
Importing Images into the Catalog.
Library Module Layout.
Moving Images.
Moving and Renaming Folders.
Finding Missing Files and Folders.
Synchronizing Folders.
Collections and Virtual Copies.
View Options. 
Flagging, Rating, Labeling Images.

3- The Catalog Revisited:
What the Catalog Looks Like
Catalog Settings
Backing Up the Catalog

4- Some Important Digital Concepts: 
The Histogram
Shooting in Raw vs. Jpeg

5- The Develop Module: Fixing and Enhancing: 
Module Layout
Introduction to the Histogram
Fix It Tools: Crop, Spot Removal, Red Eye
Basics Panel
Targeted Adjustments with the Tone Curve and HSL/Color/Grayscale
Local Adjustments: Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter
Detail Panel in Brief
Fixing Vignetting

6- Working a Shoot Efficiently: 
What do I do all the time? Presets
What can I do in Groups? Sync and Auto Sync
Grouping Images for Various Tasks -- Collections

7- Exporting Images to Share.
8- Moving Lightroom Work Between Computers 



Rami El Shakry:

Advertising & sports photographer and DOP. He has a passion for shooting extreme sports for Redbull as for him it makes perfect sense it's the perfect mix of what he does and love. He works in advertising photography and corporate documentary and he loves sports and adventure. 

He had a 5 week internship with Red bull in Austria for zooom and Red bull Media House, he learned a lot and he did a couple of photo shoots while he was there. 

Raised and born in Egypt, Rami travelled a lot and has been to Austria, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand And Algeria. One of his goals is to travel the world. 

Graduated from Architecture school 2005 and started teaching right after graduation, he was a Teaching assistant for a bunch of subjects, one of them was photography, by 2009 he decided he want to be a professional photographer move it from a hobby to a full time job “ and he did “! 

Working with natural light is what he prefers although he experienced with studio light and speed-lights.

Facebook page: Rami Elshakry Photography

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