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Portrait Photography:

Strobe & Natural Light

Inspired by his "Faces of Egypt" project, Abdel Rahman Gabr-koree will introduce various techniques and set ups of portrait photography using both studio and natural light. This is a comprehnsive workshop for mid-career photographers or CONFIDENT beginners who want to take their photography skills to the next level.  


1. Introduction to Koreefilm’s work and portofolio.
2. Understanding and seeing light
3. Using one light source on location
4. Using two light source on location
5. Workflow
6. additive light approach on location
7. Work flow & retouching

Day one: Understanding light in the studio
while shooting and demonstrating many portrait light set ups plus work flow & retouching. 

Day two: shooting outdoor and understanding light with ourdoor experience and workflow + retouching. 

What to bring: 

-Prime lenses 
-ND filters 0.6 and 0.9 or Variable ND 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced 


Abdelrahman Gabr-Koree:


Half Korean Half Egyptian, born in Queens, New York. But now based in Alexandria, Egypt. A Filmmaker and a photographer who captures inspiring and engaging stories and creative insights, working across a broad range of media, generating original creative insights and executions in TV Ads, photography, and advertising.
Founder: Qube Productions and KoreeFilms 
Koree Films:]]

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