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Landscape &

Night Photography

Photopia Photography School is proud to host the renowned Lebanese UAE-based photographer Dany Eid for a unique landscape & night photography workshop in Egypt. 

It will be an overdose of landscape & night photography while camping in the most beautiful spots in Egypt. All you need to bring is your gear and your fantastic spirit... the rest is on us:) 

This workshop will cover many aspects: gear & equipment, scouting & planning for the location, understanding how to compose, shooting techniques, dealing with filters & digital process & social media 


This workshop covers: 

1- Practical landscape, waterscape & night Photography, blue Hour & golden Hour.  
2- Gear. 
3- Post production & digital blending. 
4- Social media marketing. 


What to bring? 
1-Personal belongings.  
2- Essential equipments: 
a) DSLR / Full frame or DX format
b) A Wide Angle lens / 16mm & above
c) Steady Tripod
d) Neutral Density filters (ND – 3stop, 6 stop or 10 stop)
e) Grad filters (hard or soft) optional
f) Shutter cable release (to be advanced for Bulb option)
g) Laptop equipped with LR & CS

Attendees photography level? 
Intermediate & advanced photography

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