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Time-Lapse Workshop

Abdel Rahman Gabr-Koree, an Egyptian pioneer in timelapse, will be sharing all his knowledge with our particpants in a 3-day intensive workshop shooting the busy city. 

The 3-day workshop will cover all you need to know about timelapse. It will enable you to handle any shoot (commercial or else) in timelapse. It will provide you with all the basic skills you may need to jump start this field. 


Workshop content:  
Day 1: Pre-production (3 hours) 
How to breakdown your story. 
How to prepare shot lists /Shot Breakdown.
How to search for locations. 
How to schedule. 
How to prepare gear. 

Day 2: Production (on location - All day)
Camera settings/modes: understanding the basics. 
How to shoot a static time-lapse. 
How to shoot motion-controlled time-lapses. 
How to shoot day to night time-lapses. 
How to shoot city time-lapses. 

Day 3: Post Production (4 hours) 
How to assemble. 
Blending / compositing.  

What to bring: 
CAMERA GEAR: (1 - 5 is a must)
1- DSLR Camera. 
2- Tripod
3 - Intervelometer
4- Wide angle ( preferred F 2.8 )
5- 16 GB CF or SD card ( fast speed cards recommended)
6- ND filters 7- Extra batteries 
8- Lap top 

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