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Street Style Photography, Blogging & Social Media

The amazing Face Hunter is here to share his passion for streetstyle photography with fashion/street style photographers, fashion bloggers, stylists, fashion designers, models & fashionistas. We are excited to have a diverse range of attendees from the fashion industry in order to enrich the outcome of the workshop so this workshop is not limited to photographers, all the above mentioned pillars of the fashion industry are welcome to attend. 


Day 1

“Social media, blogging & street-style" lecture

Part 1: How Social media is changing the world
1. History of social media (From MySpace to Musically, via FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Snapchat)
2. How social media is transforming the way we think, share and live.
3. How social media is revolutionizing marketing. 

Part 2: The business of fashion blogging:
1. Study cases of the most successful bloggers.
2. How to get more followers, how to stand out?
3. Blogging business models (how to monetize your following).

Part 3: Street style photography:
1. Cultural background (From geo-social identity to subcultures and individualism age)
2. History of street style photography
3. Genres/aesthetic (street, fashion week, portrait, candid, posed…)
4. How to shoot? How to capture a moment? How to frame? How to make your subjects feel comfortable?

Day 2
“Initiation to Street-style Photography” 

Location: El Korba
1. Intro: we kick off the day with a quick reminder of the essentials about shooting street style.
2. Demonstration: Yvan will take a few pictures to show the participants how he works. 
3. Practice: We divide the participants into small groups. Members of each group will have the possibility to photograph each other in different locations of El Korba. I’m constantly going around the groups to give tips and answer questions.
4. Photo selection: the participants upload their pictures to their laptop or a computer at Photopia and select their favourites shots.
5. Conclusion: the participants show to everyone their favourites pictures and explain why. We end up with a discussion about what we learned and what makes a great street style shot.



Yvan Rodic:

Yvan Rodic (aka FaceHunter) was born in Vevey, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. While still a copywriter, Yvan creates in Paris one of the very first streetstyle blogs in 2006: His page rapidly becomes cult, making the now London-based Swiss man one of the most influential nonconformists in fashion. The streetstyler-turned-cultural explorer who covers about 50 countries a year, has published two popular books and hosted a web-TV series. He shares his travel pictures on his other page: Yvan works regularly as a talent on digital campaigns. His portfolio includes Mercedes-Benz, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Esprit, E!, Absolut, Heineken, Volvo, Fiat and more. At the beginning of 2016, Yvan launched with Nils Ringmar A Little Nation, the world's first Snapchat agency.

Facebook : Face Hunter
Instagram : @facehunter

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