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Studio Motorbike Photography

Photopia is happy to announce this exciting studio motorcycle photography workshop offered by the renowned Gearbox Studios and sponsored by Harley Davidson Egypt. 

Have you ever wanted to shoot an image of a motorbike in a studio? Wondered about the techniques behind it? 

This workshop will reveal all technical and artistic knowledge of shooting a motorbike inside a professional studio.


In this workshop photographers will learn: 

- how to work with different kind of studio lighting and panels 
- how to control many of light source in big studios
- how to choose the best source for the needed shots.
- popular concepts in car photography, specialty techniques - 
- working with Medium Format cameras.



DAY 1 
Preparation: Studio preparation Motorbike preparation Lighting preparation Camera
Lighting Equipments
All kind of lighting you should know before shooting motorbike.
Working with lighting Camera and lenses. 
Working with medium format Capture one software. 

Practical shooting a Harley Davidson Motorbike offered by HD Egypt. 

Practical shooting Harley Davidson Motorbike with a model. (offered by HD Egypt.). 



Khaled El Dash:

Besides his extensive experience in automotive photography, Khaled El Dash is an exceptoinally generous instructor who has so much to offer to the photography community in Egypt. 

Born in July 14th 1968 with a B.Sc. Photography, Applied Arts, Photography and Cinematography sector, Helwan University. 

He has 24 years experience of photography in both conventional and digital photography, advertising, commercial and Media Photography. He is a partner at Gearbox Studios, one of the biggest professional photographic studios in Egypt.

Gearbox Studios:

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