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Photography for Kids

Open your child's mind and eye. Give a child a key that can open new doors to “creative expression, new perspective, confidence, artistic achievement and FUN! 

Let your child show you how he/she sees their world. Photography is fun, self-rewarding and accessible to everyone. Children have unique visual awareness and a natural excitement about using photography to capture the world around them.

We use very simple techniques to guide them through various aspects of image making to capture the imagination of children, to empower them, building confidence, self-esteem and hope. 

Starting with the basics of digital photography and camera handling includes both classroom and outdoor sessions and help encourage them to explore their own creativity and self-expression using their camera (composition and design, color, texture, viewpoints, framing, family and faces, nature, abstract and favorite objects. At the end of the course, we share their visions with the world through a big exhibition at the end of the course. 

This workshop is suitable for 7 to 11 years old.

Course Duration: 6 Days


Day one :
Photography types.
Camera types.

Day two :
Camera handling.
How to make a good photo.
capturing subjects from various viewpoints.

Day Three :

Day Four :

Day Five :
How to make a good photo.
capturing subjects from various viewpoints.

Day Six :
Shooting at the Studio.



Mostafa Abdel Aty:


He is a Dance Photographer for 7 years, He started Photography 2007 when he was studying Architecture, and he dedicated himself for Photography after graduation, Now he’s The Official Photographer at D-CAF Festival from 2013, Freelance photographer at Vodafone, SODIC, UK Embassy, Swiss Embassy and Pro Helvetia Cairo, He hosted many photography workshops in Cairo and outside, Teaching photography for Kids and youth at Cairo Opera House from 2016, Participated in over 50 exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. He garnered some awards, most importantly are The Best Press Photo award at the EU Annual Photography Competition of 2011.

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