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Light Workshop Series:

3 Workshops,

3 Techniques,

3 Challenges

We will introduce 3 different techniques & challenges (lightroom, food, faces) throughout 3 different workshops each for 3 hours. Rami will get straight to practical application with the group of photographers. He will demonstrate the technique then will monitor the attendees while doing it.

TOPICS (Techniques): 

1) Lightroom:
We will offer you a quick solution to your Lightroom challenges. It is perfect for photographers who don't have plenty of time to spend on a long course.

2) Food:
We will prepare a couple of setups and learn how to light them and style them in a fast easy way. 

3) Professional Portraits
Professional studio portraits is a long story but in this workshop we will teach you some fast some fun techniques in lighting a face. 

These workshops are so rich and fun at the same time. We tailored a light series for all photographers to learn a missing technique needed for his/her professional career or as a hobby while getting hands-on experience.

Requirements: Basic studio knowledge is preferred.

What to bring: Your camera, Laptop & your high spirit. 


Rami ElShakry:

Advertising & sports photographer and DOP. He has a passion for shooting extreme sports for Redbull as for him it makes perfect sense it's the perfect mix of what he does and love. He works in advertising photography and corporate documentary and he loves sports and adventure.

He had a 5 week internship with Red bull in Austria for zooom and Red bull Media House, he learned a lot and he did a couple of photo shoots while he was there.

Raised and born in Egypt, Rami travelled a lot and has been to Austria, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand And Algeria. One of his goals is to travel the world.

Graduated from Architecture school 2005 and started teaching right after graduation, he was a Teaching assistant for a bunch of subjects, one of them was photography, by 2009 he decided he want to be a professional photographer move it from a hobby to a full time job “ and he did “!

Working with natural light is what he prefers although he experienced with studio light and speed-lights.

Facebook page: Rami Elshakry Photography

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