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Fine Art Photography

Throughout this 3-day workshop, They will present current trends and genres in fine art photography that will help spark new ideas and inspire you to not simply take photographs, but to conceive projects based on your ideas, personal experiences, and the world around you.

You will learn how to discover, how to create a mood board, develop a creative idea and learn how to apply this creativity to create a series of beauty and fantasy.

You will work together on a professional shooting session with actual models to learn how to develop portrait shot series. By the end of this process, you will learn how to select the best shots, along with editing, coloring and retouching. 


Day 1: (Theoretical)
- Basic talk about FineArt Photography, its history and evolution and idea creation.

Day 2: (Practical) 
- Shooting day 

Day 3: (Editing)
- Production of the photos taken during the shoot.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced 


About the instructors:
Adel and Henar were born and raised in Alexandria.
Adel, 24 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, communications department .
Henar, 27 years old, graduated from the faculty of FineArts, interior architecture.

They con-joined their passion for photography 2 years ago, and created "O Art-Stuido" and specialized in the field of FineArt Photography.
You can check the page through the below link:

Throughout these 2 years they presented 10 different photography projects, their latest two projects made a huge effect in Egypt, and were discussed by different mediums on social media inside and outside Egypt and on the TV mediums as well.
You can find them on their page under the names of : "A Roman Tale" and "Project No Color".
They created different concepts and visuals in each project they worked on, experiencing with animals and emphasizing their relationship with humans was one of the ideas they presented, as well as mixing the fashion photography with the fine-art conceptual. 

You can check more of their work through the following links:


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