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Videography Bootcamp

Videography Bootcamp will walk you through the filmmaking process. It’s a comprehensive, hands on class covering the fundamentals of filmmaking. This class is suitable for indie filmmakers, students, beginners or just about anyone who wants to learn more about shooting, editing and everything else that’s part of the process. 

Course Duration: 11 sessions


Learn pre-production essentials
Story development
Developing the world & creating the look of your film

Master production essentials
Setting up gear properly
Shoot video in manual mode
Shot Composition
Video resolution
Lenses (Prime vs Zoom)
Camera Movement & Stabilizing
Lighting & Mood lighting
How to expose properly & how does exposure work
Video Shutter speed
Setting Aperture (F-Stop, Iris)  
Video ISO
White Balance & Color Temp

Understand post-production essentials
The Editing Environment
Basic Editing Concepts
Software Interface, Tools & Shortcuts
Organizing & Importing your Assets
Types of Projects 
Building your Workflow
Basic Color Correcting
Sharing & Exporting


Each student will work on a short film by following the class syllabus and will submit the short film as his/her final 


Class Requirements:

 DSLR Camera

LaptopPremiere or Final Cut X 


Cariman Alfi:


Cariman is a Film & Broadcast Graduate with a focus in Post Production and a certified Final Cut instructor. She has worked on several productions in Egypt & in the USA. She has 5 years of experience shooting, editing & editing the projects she shoots. She's worked on documentaries, reality TV, commercials, short films, videos for the web and more.

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