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My Photography Business Workshop

Starting up your photography business and want to start RIGHT? Photopia photography school helps you know all the secrets to plan your new photography business based on your vision and dream. 

Photographers are offering their vision to the people; 
what if they cannot translate this artistic vision into words?

Art vision and mission is spread to the world through the artwork. But, the business needs more words and planning. It needs a fine articulated strategy.


Content Description: 3 Days - 9 Hours

Session 1: From 6-9PM

Session 2: From 6-9PM

Session 3: From 6-9PM

If you ever feel the need of boosting your photography business, come and join us for the strategy workshop in Photopia; to learn about:
- What is Business Strategy
- Business vocabulary
- Vision and mission
- Strategic Analysis
- Action Plan


Amira Chawki, graduated from Fine Arts, Archirecture in 2005, then mastered Strategy & Marketing in Poitiers University and got my MBA from Sorbonne/Paris-Dauphine Universities (France).

Worked in the Business Development career of the Engineering Consultancy firms for several years till I decided to transfer the Strategic Business knowledge to the Artists, to enable them translate their artistic vision into the market vocabulary, thus to communicate better with their audience and to seek afterwards the marketing service within their own vision, not the marketers' one. Since then, I founded Atobseroun foundation and I work as a strategic business coach for artists and freelancers.


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